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We offer regular triannual open seminars. Registration is open to mental health professionals, both members and non-members of JFPSP. In the first year that JFPSP was incorporated, we invited three psychoanalysts who had been working in the front rank of object relations theory, a big trend in the psychoanalytic field. We explored the possibility of creating a touch point between object relations theory and self psychology. In the second year, we offered three open seminars on the theme of intersubjective theory which plays a role in contemporary self psychology. In the third year, 2015, we plan to host open seminars, which focus on relational psychoanalysis, which is a big movement in psychoanalysis in North America. We will announce details on the website and Facebook as soon as they're finalized. We look forward to seeing you at our open seminars.

   The theme of this year’s open seminar will be “Relational Psychoanalysis.” All three seminars will be held in Kobe. We will announce details on the website and Facebook as soon as they're finalized.

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Title ミッチェルの精神分析
主体性と他者性 治療体験のリアリティ
Special Lecture 関係精神分析成立のために
Lecturer Koichi Yokoi(Hamadera Hospital) Soh Agatsuma(Kobe Collage) Kenichiro Okano(Kyoto Univ.)
Moderator Naoki Yasumura(Koshien Univ.) Yutaka Kakuta(The United Graduate School of Professional Teacher Education) Koichi Togashi(Konan Univ.)
Presenters Kazunori Nakanishi
(Aisei Century Hospital)
Date Sunday, June 28th, 2015 Sunday, November 29th, 2015 Thursday, February 11th, 2016
Lacation Hyogo Chuo Rodo Center
Number of Participants -
CE Credits for Japanese Clinical Psychotherapists 申請を予定 申請を予定 申請を予定

   The main theme was “intersubjective theory.” The lecturers were J.L.Fosshage, Ph.D. (The 1st open seminar), Koichi Togashi, Ph.D. (The 2nd open seminar) and Sachiko Mori, Ph.D.(the 3rd open seminar). Open Seminar 2014 has ended.

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Title Recognition, Behavior and Development through the Perspective of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology.
Collaborative work of meaning making The risk of relatedness.
Toshihiko Maruta Memorial Lecture

Special Lecture implicit and explicit Dimensions of Therapeutic Exchange.  Process of finding possibilities in uncertain relatedness.
Intersubjective theory in clinical practice.
Lecturer J.L.Fosshage Ph.D., P.A.
(The Institute for the Pschoanalytic Study of Subjectivitiy: IPSS)
Koichi Togashi, Ph.D.
(Konan Univ.)
Sachiko Mori,Ph.D.
(Keio Univ.)
Naoki Yasumura(Koshien Univ.)
Makiko Kasai
(Naruto Univ. of Education)
Koichi Togashi(Konan Univ.)
Naoki Yasumura(Koshien Univ.)
Koichi Togashi
(Konan Univ.)

Presenters Shinya Nakatani
(Ogori Makihara Hospital)
Sachiyo Ohno
(Maple Hill Hospital) 
Naoki Yasumura
(Koshien Univ.)

Date Saturday, May 5th, 2014 Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 Sunday, October 12th, 2014
Location Hyogo Chuo Rodo Center Hyogo Prefecture Citizens' Hall
Number of Participants 56 45 53
CE credits for Japanese Clinical Psychotherapists
Sponsors, Co-hosts Psychoanalysis Takeda Mental Health Foundation
Institute for Psychotherapy Process International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (IAPSP)
Japanese Institute for Psychotherapy Process.

   The main theme of these seminars was “Object Relations Theory.” The lecturers were Hirai Shozo, Ph.D. (The 1st open seminar), Hiroyuki Myoki, Ph.D.(The 2nd open semiar) and Wataru Tobitani, M.D.(the 3rd open seminar). Open Seminar 2013 has ended.

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Title A dialogue between Kleinian school and Self psychology.
A reconsideration of Winnicott.
Object Relations,
Self and Subjectivity.

Special Lecture Clinical approach of Kleinian psychoanalysis – the theory and technique of the object relations theory.
The world of Winnicott and his clinical psychoanalytic approach. Self and Subjectivity -
from the viewpoint of Kleinian's approach.
Lecturer Shozo Hirai, Ph.D.
(Oike Center for Psychotherapy)
Hiroyuki Myoki, Ph.D.
(Tokyo International Univ.)
Wataru Tobitani, M.D.
(Osaka Kyoiku Univ.)
Hideki Oka, Ph.D.(Hikita Hospital)
Yutaka Kakuta (United Graduate School of Professional Teacher Education, Kyoto University of Education)
Koichi Togashi(Konan Univ.)

Shinji Inoue(Nishie Clinic)
Presenter Yasuko Shishido (Kyushu Daigaku Kokoro to Sodachi no Soudanshitsu)
Makiko Kasai
(Naruto Univ. of Education) 
Makoto Koizumi
(Kobe Univ. graduate school)
Date Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 Sunday, September, 8th, 2013 Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
Location Hyogo Chuo Rodo Center Hyogo Prefecture Citizens' Hall Hyogo Chuo Rodo Center
Number of Participants 66 69 59
CE credits for Japanese clinical psychotherapists