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   The Japanese Forum for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (JFPSP), which was founded in April 2010, is a professional organization for mental health workers and professionals who are interested in self psychology and other contemporary psychoanalytic theories.
   The founders of JFPSP are clinical psychotherapists and psychoanalysts who have been hosting psychoanalytic self psychology seminars mainly in western Japan.
   After obtaining an institutional membership from the International Association of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (IAPSP), JFPSP was incorporated and became an affiliate of JFPSP, as a Study Group.
   Our group initially started activities in western Japan, but currently we have about 70 members from Hokkaido to Kagoshima, from north to south in Japan. We sincerely hope that mental health professionals who are interested in clinical psychology and psychoanalytic psychotherapy will be able to attend our JFPSP Study Group.

Group Discussion/Group Supervision

  Members of JFPSP are eligible to participate in biannual regular meeting which Study Group of JFPSP hosts. The participation fee is free for the members. Through seminars, group supervisions and discussions among the members, we promote the advancement of our skills and friendship.

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Listserv-based discussions take place via email

   “Webinars” are JFPSP’s listserv-based discussion that take place via email. Webinars are conducted biannually. The lecturer of webinars are selected from the members of JFPSP. We discuss not only basic self psychology but various topics for about two weeks.
    Members of JFPSP are eligible to participate in our webinars. Participation is free for members. Webinar is easy of access for some members who can’t attend a meeting in person.

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Seminars for both JFPSP members and non-members

   The JFPSP Study Group offers annual open seminar for mental health professionals. We conduct seminars and group supervisions in meetings of the Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology, the Japanese Forum for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and others. This open seminar by the Study Group is different from the open seminar hosted by JFPSP.

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Seminars at a psychoanalytic Institute in the US (with Japanese-English interpretation)

   The JFPSP Study Group conducts intensive seminars at a psychoanalytic institute in the United States every few years. Only members of JFPSP are eligible to participate in these seminars. Please join us and attend seminars and group supervisions by lecturers from psychoanalytic institutes such as the Training and Research in Intersubjective Self Psychology (TRISP) and Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity (IPSS).

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   If you are interested in learning psychoanalytic psychotherapy and contemporary self psychology, please join our group. We provide opportunities for members to learn from each other and exchange information.

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Acting chair of committee 
Shinji Inoue Nishie Clinic, Fukuoka
Member of acting committee Shinya Nakatani

Go Nishiyama
Ogori Makihara Hospital, Yamaguchi

Japan Community Health care Organization Saitama Medical Center
Webinar committee members Makoto Koizumi

Kazunori Nakanishi

Junko Tsutsui
Kobe University

Aisei Century Hospital

Tsuru University

Acting Chair of Committees are chosen from members of JFPSP in the election of 2015.
The committee is managed independently of JFPSP. The committee collects and reflects opinions of all members of JFPSP.

   The JFPSP Study Group established the Arhat Award to encourage and support members of JFPSP for studying psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The recipient must be a regular member of JFPSP. According to the provision of Hage Daishin Foundation, this award is given annually, though there may be a year in which there are no recipients of the award.

Application Guideline for Arhat Award

■ Requisite ■ ・The manuscript must be in the form of a clinical case report and clinical study report.
・Any patient, client or participant mentioned in the text should have given informed consent for the inclusion of material pertaining to themselves or their families, or should have acknowledged that they cannot be identified via the text.
・The manuscript does not duplicate any other previously published work, including the applicants’ own previously published work.
■ Qualifications for Entry ■
The applicant must be a regular member of the Japanese Forum for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (JFPSP).
■ The number of words ■ ・The main text should be from 10,000 words to 15,000 words, excluding title page, references, etc. 
・The footnote is included in the words of the main text. 
・Identifying information about the author must be avoided in the manuscript.  
■ Format ■ ・The manuscript must be typed on a word processor. 
・All components of the manuscript must be 25 lines to a page, 30 characters to a line. All the margins must be set to more than 25mm.
・Page numbers must be added on all the pages within the footer margins.
・The first page of the article should contain “The 1st Arhat Award Nomination Clinical Paper”. The second page should contain title of the article. The author's name must be eliminated. 
・References to all works cited in the text must be typed.
・The applicant must submit an application form which contains the title of the article, author’s name, address, email and telephone numbers.
 ■ How to Apply ■ ・Attach the article and the application form and send to . 
・Make sure to protect the article with a password. The password must be sent in another email.  
・An article which is not protected by password will not be accepted. If the identifying information about the author is included in the first page or the main text, the article will not be accepted. 
・If the applicant does not receive a confirmation email in 48 hours after sending application email, please contact JFPSP.
■ Application Deadline ■ Sunday, November, 30, 2014
■ Announcement Date ■ ・The recipient will be announced by the end of February, 2015. 
・The recipient will be required to present the award-winning paper at a regular meeting of JFPSP. 
・The recipient can be recommended to submit the award-winning paper for a peer reviewed journal. 
■ Committee ■ Daishin Hage (Chairperson), Yutaka Kakuta, Koichi Togashi, Kazunori Nakanishi, Naoki Yasumura 
■ The Award ■ ・The recipient receives a trophy and five thousand yen as a scholarship. 
・The copyright of the award-wining paper shall belong to the author.